Forthcoming Special Issues

Dose Delivery at Multiple Scales

With new techniques and technologies emerging in radiation oncology, there is increased need to improve our understanding of dose delivery at multiple levels. Nano- and micro-dosimetry provide insights beyond the traditional macroscopic view based on absorbed dose, with the aim to link physics and biological aspects, potentially impacting treatment planning in both particle and photon therapy. Recognizing the dynamical changes during treatment, increasingly sophisticated image-driven adaptive radiotherapy is becoming established, which in turn requires dose accumulation to accurately monitor and report the delivered dose to both normal tissue and target structures. Novel and image-guided adaptive treatment methods are best explored in a multi-centric setting, but accreditation and quality assurance programs of such clinical trials are becoming increasingly complex. Their implementation to ensure the dose is delivered as intended is multifaceted, with aspects ranging from quantitative imaging to time resolved multidimensional dosimetry. 

Radiotherapy and Oncology invites manuscripts on these topics, i.e., nano- and microdosimetry, dose accumulation and clinical trial QA, for a virtual special physics issue, to be published in early 2023. The deadline for submissions is November 30th, 2022. If you intend to submit an article, please send an E-mail to [email protected], including the title and a short summary that addresses content and novelty. Also, please indicate that a submission is intended for the special issue in your submission letter.